video Dare to Dream: Dream Catchers

Begin with slowing down and tuning in.

Its hard to know exactly what we want out of life, or where to begin. It’s hard to not get bogged down by the details. It hard to be a DREAMER and trust me you’re not the only one.

So why not get a little help from a dream catcher?

Traditionally, it was believed that the air is filled with dreams both good and bad. Dream catchers, when hung above the bed are intended to protect the Dreamer from the bad dreams while letting the good ones pass through. It is said that the bad dreams get tangled in the dream catchers web and perish at the first light of day. While the good dreams pass through the holes and down to the feathers so gently, that the sleeper may not even know they’re are dreaming.

So how does a dream catcher help us?


Dreams gives us inspiration and helpful advice through symbols, colors, characters, events, etc…..

Dreams help us to get rid of our daily stresses.

Dreams help us to work out our problems.

Dreams give our imagination and our deeper/inner self a stage to express itself.

Dreams help us to understand that our inner world is just as big as the known universe and the answers to all of our problems are within us.

It’s okay to dream! And now you can do it too!



Check out some of our students finished products!

Dare to Dream: Dreamcatcher Youtube Video


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