video Dare to Dream: Mandala’s

A Mandala is a symbol that represents the search for completeness and self-unity. In creating a mandala, the goal is for the individual to see his/herself as a microcosm of the universe. Thus a mandala, becomes a guide for meditation.  The purpose for this guide is to allow the individual to observe him/herself from a birds-eye view in order to gain a deeper understanding of the self.


Well, with  the Dream Catchers we learned how to open ourselves up to dreaming by actively taking part in creating a portal for dreams to pass through to us. But what is a dream to us if we cannot understand it? Dreams speak to us through images, symbols and our own personal experiences. What a mandala does, is create a road map, a dictionary of symbols that mean something to us personally. It gives our mind the tools it needs to communicate with us. It allows us to speak to ourselves.

And as always…..We start at the CENTER……368031_632_canny_pic

“Know Thyself”


At the center is YOU! What image/symbol/color will you use to represent you?

As you work your way outward to the furthermost edges of yourself and your universe, create the story of you. Represent the people, places, things that shaped who you are. Represent the hopes, fears, joys and tears that molded your character. Represent all the experiences that have given you your perspective on the world. Analyze every detail before moving on.

Remember that mandalas could take days even months to complete, so take your time!

painting-mandala-27547379 Once you have completed your mandala. Gaze upon yourself. THAT IS YOU! And it is reflecting back to you, all that has been held inside.


Below is a YouTube video of some of our students working progresses:

Dare to Dream: Mandala’s Youtube Video


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