Hopefully, at least some of you have heard of us by now!goingalltheway

Or even better— maybe you’ve been in one of our Programs: Project AIM, Making Proud
Choices, Be Proud Be Responsible, Girls Circle, Boys Council – do any of those sound familiar??

Well just in case, let me explain a little about our agency and our programs. MISN (Maternal-­Infant Services Network) has been  working with teens in Orange and Sullivan  Counties for over 10 years. Our Youth Health and Wellness Programs teach teens to make healthy decisions now so that they can have a better future. A lot of what we do focuses on reproductive health and sexual decision making. But we also have programs that help teens build healthy friendships and relationships, develop leadership skills and explore education and career goals, just to name a few.

Here’s what we’d like to help you do—make a plan for your future, figure out what you need to do to get there and make good decisions that support achieving YOUR goals. We know that there will always be some detours in life but we want to prepare you for how to handle these situations so that they don’t become a barrier.

It’s pretty simple really—we want to see you GOING ALL THE WAY!!!!